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Oirase Stream

Oirase Stream
basic information

The Oirase Stream is a picturesque mountain stream which starts at Nenokuchi, a small town at the shores of Towadako Lake and flows down the narrow and densely wooded Oirase Valley. A hiking trail leads along the most scenic, upper passage of the stream from Ishigedo to Nenokuchi (about 10 km).

Unfortunately for hikers, but fortunately for car drivers and bus passengers, a road runs through the Oirase Valley from which one can see much of the stream. For hikers, however, the busy road can be a distraction, even though the traffic noise is sometimes overpowered by the stream's noise and the birds' songs.

In autumn, when the many maple and other trees turn their color, the Oirase Valley becomes one of Japan's most popular spots for autumn foliage viewing.

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how to get there

From Tokyo:

From Tokyo, the Oirase Valley is most conveniently accessed by JR Tohoku Shinkansen to Hachinohe, followed by a bus ride bound for Towadako. By Hayate Shinkansen (all seats reserved) the trip to Hachinohe takes about three hours and costs 15,350 Yen. The one way bus ride to Ishigedo by JR Bus takes another one and a half hour and costs 2,000 Yen. The Japan Rail Pass is valid on both shinkansen and the JR Bus.

From Aomori City:

From Aomori Station, there are several direct JR buses to the Oirase Valley each day. The one way ride to Ishigedo takes about two hours and costs 2,400 Yen. The Japan Rail Pass is valid on these JR buses.

(Fees and schedules are subject to change.)

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