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Motsuji's Pure Land Garden

During the Heian Period (794-1185), Hiraizumi was the seat of the ruling Fujiwara clan's "Northern branch" and rivaled the capital of Kyoto culturally, politically and commercially at its peak in the 12th century.

In 1189, however, Hiraizumi was razed by Minamoto Yoritomo after the local Fujiwara supported and provided a refuge to Yoritomo's rival and brother Yoshitsune. The city never recovered to its former glory, but still features some of the Tohoku Region's cultural highlights.

Motsuji Temple (2) Temple famous for its Pure Land Garden.
Chusonji Temple (1) Hiraizumi's most famous temple.
Takadachi Gikeido (4) Memorial dedicated to Minamoto Yoshitsune.
Takkoku no Iwaya (3) Temple constructed at the foot of a cliff.
best of the best best of Japan outstanding
(1) - (99) most visited attractions

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