Friday, May 8, 2009

Rinnoji Temple

Rinnoji Temple
basic information

Rinnoji, lying to the north of Sendai's downtown, may first appear to be a somewhat unexceptional temple. However, beyond the main hall of the temple is a beautiful Japanese garden and pagoda that are well worth visiting.

The temple was founded in 1441 by Date Mochimune, a member of the Date clan that later controlled large parts of northern Japan in the Edo Period. Rinnoji is the family temple of the Date clan, and although it was not always located at its present spot in Sendai, it moved there together with the Date family in the early 1600s. All of the buildings have been recently restored to their original appearances.

Visitors to Rinnoji's inner gardens can walk along the various paths, admire the koi (carps), the three-storied pagoda and the well tended trees, flowers and plants. There are also several benches for visitors to sit and relax as they take in the scenery.

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how to get there

From Sendai Station, take the JR Senzan Line to Kitayama Station (10 minutes, 190 yen). Rinnoji is a 10 minute walk to the southeast of the station.

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hours and fees

Hours:The inner gardens of Rinnoji are open from 8:00 to 17:00
Closed:No closing dates
Admission:300 yen

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