Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mount Hakodate

Mount Hakodate
basic information
by daytime
by night

Mount Hakodate (Hakodateyama) is a 334 meter high, wooded mountain at the southern end of the peninsula on which much of central Hakodate is located. On clear days and nights, the view of Hakodate from the mountain is spectacular.

Facilities at the summit include observation platforms (free of charge), souvenir shops, a cafe and a cafeteria style restaurant.

how to get there

By ropeway

The Hakodateyama Ropeway departs from the Motomachi District. The ropeway's lower station can be reached in a 10 minute walk from the "Jujigai" tram stop (3rd station, 5 minutes, 200 Yen from Hakodate Station) or by direct Hakodate Bus from Hakodate Station (10 minutes, 230 Yen, every 30 minutes in the evening only).

The cost for a ropeway ticket is 1160 Yen for a round trip and 640 Yen for a one way trip. The ropeway operates from 10am to 10pm (until 9pm during winter, from 9am during the Golden Week and summer holidays).

By direct bus

From late April to mid November, direct buses by Hakodate Bus operate between Hakodate Station and the summit of Mount Hakodate every evening, taking 30 minutes and costing 360 Yen for the one way journey. Day passes are valid on this bus. There are departures every 20 minutes. Fewer departures in autumn.

By car

There is a toll free road to the summit of Mount Hakodate. However, the road gets closed to individual car traffic in the evenings between 17:00 and 22:00 from late April to mid October.

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